Medicinal Herb Plants & Seeds

Step inside the Farmacy Garden, a magical place where you can Grow Your Own Health 

Medicinal Herb Plants

All of our plants are selected for their medicinal benefits. Grown in our nursery in the Victorian High Country.

Herb Nursery

Bioregional Herbalism is working within your local environment to gain a deep understanding of plant allies, rather than only learning which herb is useful for which ailment.

Medicinal Herb Seeds

See our range of rare medicinal herb seed for you to grow your own health at home.

Seed bank

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Gardening Tools

If you are looking for quality tools for your garden shed then look no further!

tool shed

Using plants is merely facilitating a biochemical conversation which is often far beyond our comprehension and our understanding ~ Bevin Clare


We regularly update our blog with information on our favourite herbs, you’ll find all the information on Grow, Harvest & Use.

Knowledge Bank

Located in Beechworth, a historical gold rush town in Victoria’s High Country.

FarmacyCo Apothecary

FarmacyCo is a modern herbal Apothecary that puts YOU at the heart. Our products are wild crafted with sacred intention using only the most premium ingredients from local growers and our own farm.

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